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Don't Let Arthritis Pain Get in Your Way: New Technology Can Help Control Symptoms

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According to the CDC, as many as 22% of people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with arthritis, a painful disorder that significantly reduces the quality of life and sabotages those trying to maintain an active lifestyle. A new breakthrough in technology sets out to change that by controlling symptoms and, in some cases, reversing joint damage. What is this amazing technology? It's stem cell therapy. Let's find out how stem cell therapy could help manage arthritis symptoms.

What are stem cells?

Unlike a liver muscle cell, metatarsal bone cell, or skin cell, stem cells exist without a specific role in the body. This lack of an assigned role allows stem cells to become other cells, as needed within the body. These versatile cells exist because when you were just a few cells in your mother's womb, those cells needed to duplicate and become various organs.

Where do stem cells come from?

You have stem cells in you all the time, particularly in your blood and bone marrow because these parts of your body play very important roles in your immune system function. If you suffer from arthritis, it's likely that your own stem cells aren't doing their job well anymore. In this case, Dr. Bojarski uses stem cells that have been harvested from the umbilical cord blood of healthy infants, with the mother's full consent. This blood and tissue would normally be thrown away, but since science has discovered the amazing power of stem cells, mothers can now donate it like you might donate a kidney. The blood is thoroughly tested and purified for use in patients with arthritis and other conditions. 

How do stem cells reduce arthritis symptoms?

When the body detects stem cells present in a certain part of your body, it goes into repair mode. It removes unhealthy cells and replaces them with healthy ones. As it does, painful and damaging inflammation decreases, leaving a healthier joint. Depending on the state of that joint, you may even experience an increased range of motion and stability. Continue to care for that joint with a doctor-approved home exercise program to extend the length of time that stem cell therapy controls your symptoms. 

As with any new technology, research is ongoing. In addition to the personal experiences of Dr. Bojarski's patients, several studies support the use of stem cell therapy to treat arthritis and other similar degenerative and injury conditions.

While these studies may seem redundant, understand that part of the scientific method that doctors rely on to create safe and effective treatments requires that studies be duplicated in order to confirm the reliability of the study results.

How does Dr. Bojarski perform stem cell therapy

After Dr. Bojarski confirms the type of stem cells you need, he injects stem cells from several angles into your arthritic joint. Your own immune system responds to the stem cell presence by sending new, healthier cells to the area. You may need two or more treatments to get the full results.

Who's a good candidate for stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy may be appropriate for patients who have arthritis caused by overuse, underuse, or injury, as well as tendonitis and bursitis. It may also be effective for some people with joint-attacking autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, although at this time more research is needed.

Live the active lifestyle you want to live without the constant pain of arthritis. Stem cell therapy may be able to improve joint function and reduce pain. Book online today.

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