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Pain Specialist

Advanced Medical Physicians

Regenerative Rehab located in Newark, DE

When you’re in pain, it doesn’t matter what’s causing it, you want it to stop. At Advanced Medical Physicians, a regenerative rehab practice in Newark, Delaware, you can find a solution to your pain. By addressing the underlying cause of your pain, not just your symptoms, and treating it with a combination of cutting-edge, regenerative therapies and tried-and-true traditional treatments, the team can bring you pain relief. If you live in New Castle County and are ready to end your pain, call Advanced Medical Physicians today, or go online to book your initial consultation.

Pain Q & A

What is pain?

Pain is your body’s way of communicating that there’s something wrong. It occurs when nerves become damaged and send a signal to your brain, where it’s transferred into pain sensations.

Pain can be acute or chronic. Acute pain occurs because of a specific event, such as an injury, illness, or inflammation. It comes on suddenly and, in most cases, is easy to diagnose and treat. Chronic pain, on the other hand, develops over time, slowly becoming worse until, for many, it becomes debilitating. It may have begun with a specific event, such as a car accident, or may have gradually become worse with no specific reason or cause.

What conditions cause chronic pain?

Chronic pain can result from a range of conditions. Some of the most frequent culprits of pain that don’t go away include:

  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Herniated and ruptured discs
  • Chronic tendonitis
  • Chronic bursitis
  • Injuries
  • Neuralgia (pain caused by nerve damage)

Sometimes, specific causes of chronic pain can’t be determined. Regardless of the cause, chronic pain can lead to severe problems both with how people function and feel. It’s the most common cause of disability in the U.S., impacting over 100 million people.

What pain treatments are available?

At Advanced Medical Physicians, your doctor may recommend a variety of treatment options. If your pain is mild, they may suggest rest and ice therapy to allow inflammation to decrease. For both mild and moderate pain, they may opt for a multidimensional approach, with a combination of treatment methods like:

  • Trigger point injections
  • Spinal manipulations
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Impulse therapy
  • Orthopedic equipment
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Ergonomic suggestions for your home and office

If these treatments don’t offer you some level of pain relief, the practice may opt for more advanced treatments, like regenerative medicine. 

How do stem cells help with pain?

Stem cells have the unique ability to transform into other types of cells, like those that make up your muscles, tendons, and cartilage. When used in a therapeutic manner, regenerative medicine can enhance your body’s natural healing process, helping to relieve inflammation and restore function quicker than on its own. What’s more, these specialized cells can actually regenerate tissue, regrowing what’s been damaged or lost.

If you’re ready to be done dealing with pain, call the practice today to find a solution. You can even book your appointment online.